Chrisopigi village

Chrisopigi is a mountainous village (at 400m. altitude) in the prefecture of Lasithi at municipality of Sitia. Chrisopigi just means, in Greek , a source of gold.Until 1955 was named Roukaka.

In the years of Ottoman Empire Roukaka ‘‘…was one of the biggest ottoman villages and there was a big mosque…in 1866 Roukaka was the basis of the revolutionary administrative committee of the masters in the perfecture’’ .(by N.Papadaki, archaeologist ,Sitia ,2000).

In recent years Chrisopigi is a beautiful, active, traditional and productive village ‘’… Chrisopigi has a police station and a post office ‘’.The main product is olive oil.’’

The blossom of olive trees per year never is more than the limits of mediocrity. The industry! The industry is nonexistant ,the handcraft and the trade are a little developed’’.(Nikolaos Xarokopakis, teacher at Chrisopigi’s school until 1960).

It is outstanding that until the 70’s the olive trees weren’t pruned and the harvest of olives occurred with hands.

Today Chrisopigi continues to product olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil. With more advanced methods in all phases and with a cooperative which continues to try.

Today , as descendants of ancestors who loved their land we decided to invest in the excellent olive oil of this place. In a product which is directly connected with the cretan, Mediterranean and modern life style. In a product which is the heart of our diet, culture and tradition. In a product endowed with benefits and potentials which we love and believe in. We named it Chrisopigi as homage to the land that gives birth to it. Because the heart of our land continues to beat.