Olive Cultivation Process


January until April
The pruning of olive trees is an important task which intends to adjust the growth of olive trees’ fruition to the soil and climatic conditions of the area,as well as to our cultivation objectives, especially , in the facilitation of harvest which is the most important problem of olive’s cultivation today.
The targets of pruning are :

  1. The balance between vegetation and fruition.
  2. The minimum duration of not productive season.
  3. The prolongation of the stable productivity period.
  4. To avoid the early decline or senescence of the olive tree.
  5. To obtain financial profits.
  6. The moisture saving which is a limiting factor in dry olive groves.


Spring and summer
The best thing about our olive grove’s fertilizing is to have the soil analyzed. Thereafter, according to our agriculturist’s advice we apply the fertilizer in order to help our olive trees to grow up and fructify. Nitrogen ,phosphorus , potassium and boron are the main substances that help the olive tree to grow up and come to fruition.

Weed control

The olive tree can survive low fertility soil and a little moisture. But unfortunately, a lot of kinds of weeds are adopted in the same conditions and they grow up faster than olive trees. In this way, the weeds remove the water and nutrition elements from the soil. The weeds, the perennial kinds especially, have the same, growth rate with the olive trees. However,their adaptability and bigger efficiency ensure bigger and faster growth than the olive tree ‘ s. For this reason, the weed control should be done four to six weeks before the spring vegetation of olive trees.


May to October
The olive tree has a very good defenses mechanism against drought and therefore it is possible to be cultivated under circumstances of extreme droughts in which no other fruit tree can be cultivated. Yet, this defense is dentrimental to the growth and productivity of olive trees. In this way , by improving the soil ‘s moisture condition , we achieve spectacular improvement of productivity because the olive tree has the ability to make excellent use of every amount of soil water which is offered to it.


November to December
The harvest of fruits is carried out manually or mechanically. The traditional way of harvest is performed by pole beating of the olive tree branches. The fruits fall in collection nets which are placed under the trees. Then they get collected from the soil and are transferred to the factory for grinding and extraction olive oil.