• The drop as essence and illustration of olive oil.
  • The red heart in real and as a symbol. Love for the product, beneficial for our health, heart of our diet.
  • The white colour because it is the basis. You add olive oil on foods and flavors transforms.
  • The glass bottle to make visible the excellent colour of the product, which is indicative of the quality of Chrisopigi olive oil.

We offer our olive oil on the following glass and can packages:

Glass bottle 200ml

Chrisopigi Olive Oil - 200ml

Glass bottle 500ml

Chrisopigi Olive Oil - 500ml

Aluminum can 500ml

Chrisopigi Olive Oil - 500ml Can

Aluminum can 1Lt

Chrisopigi Olive Oil - 1000ml Can

Aluminum can 5Lt

Chrisopigi Olive Oil - 5L Can