The Olive Oil

Olive oil is the center of Cretan diet. It used to be – and still is – a product which provided its producers with strength, life and  hope, during periods of crises. Being in a time like this today, we made the decision to trust it and made it known. We aim to keep to the hard work of our ancestors and produce it with love and consciousness.

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced at Chrisopigi village, Sitia, Crete

A product which is directly connected with the Cretan, Mediterranean and modern life style. A product which is the heart of our diet, culture and tradition. A product endowed with benefits and potentials which we love and believe in.

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced at Chrisopigi (Sitia), a traditional village in the east of Lasithi, Crete. A village with long history and great tradition, endowed with an exceptional production of olive oil.

We named it Chrisopigi as homage to the land that gives birth to it

Because the heart of our land continues to beat.